Sports Premium

Fit for learning, Fit for Life!

Our Vision for Physical Education

We believe that Physical development is a defining factor in children’s journey to becoming active and capable learners. Coordination, spacial awareness and body control are key to independence in learning and through out broad PE provision we give children the chance to find the sports that best suit their interests.

We use a mix of high quality teaching and specialist coaching to deliver a broad range of sports throughout the year.

We promote the profile of Out of School sporting activities in our weekly celebration assemblies and through interschool competition encourage teamwork and sporting behaviour.

Determination and perseverance in sports gives children transferable skills for learning and helps them to develop their sense of identity.

Children at Harewood are ‘Fit for Learning and Fit for life!’

PE Funding

The Government is currently committed to providing funding to schools specifically targeted at supporting the development of PE in schools. At Harewood we receive approximately £16,000 annually.

A proportion of the funding is used to fund our involvement in sports projects, promoting physical activity and other interschool competitions. the Benefits are several:

  • Children access inter school competitions across a number of sports
  • Taster days are provided for class groups to experience new sports and to begin to develop skills in that area
  • Enabling Bikeability training off site to promote safe bike travel

The largest proportion of this funding is used to fund our Sports Coaching. The benefits of this approach are several:

  • The children receive the direct benefit of high quality small group PE teaching provided by Kickstart professional coaches
  • Children have access to more after school Sports clubs
  • Children have access to specialist coaching in preparation for inter-school competitions
  • Staff have access to regular sports training through observation of professional coaching staff

The rest of the funding is used:

  • to purchase resources
  • to fund specific external CPD for PE


Evidencing-the-Impact-of-the-Primary-PE-and-Sport-Premium-Harewood Primary 2022-23