MindMate Ambassadors

Meet our Ambassadors

MindMate Friendly and MindMate Champions

Our current MindMate Ambassadors are:

  • William K
  • Ethan B
  • Theo C

These children from Year 5 and 6 applied to be our ambassadors and were chosen to help our school community and to set a wonderful example to others.

The Role of an Ambassador

I'm a professional - MindMateAs part of our Child Mental Health Week, we launched the role of MindMate Ambassadors for our school. These children play an important role in organizing events to support mental wellbeing throughout school. They receive training and full support for the role.

It is important that it is understood that they are not there to replace the role of adults in school, who the children already know they can approach with any worries or concerns they may have. However, the Ambassador role is another important element, which will ensure that everyone is listened to and we are doing as much as we can to improve the emotional and mental health of our school. Our aim is to make our school a healthier, safer and happier place for everyone.

The Year 5 children have been chosen as the best candidates, as they will be taking on the role of being the oldest children from September, when the Year Six children leave.  They will be able to continue supporting into the next academic year and pass on the role to the new Year Fives.

During the group will be involved in planning wellbeing events and activities for the other children as well as being great role models to the rest of the school.

MindMate Friendly and MindMate Champions


For more information on Wellbeing, please see our Positive Mental Health Pages or the MindMate website.