At Harewood we have a strong team of committed Governors who are at the heart of our school leadership. As a Governing body we represent many aspects of the school and our local community. It is our aim to provide support and to challenge the leadership of the school to ensure our children receive the best possible educational experience. Through strategic management we oversee the financial performance of the school and the accountability of the Headteacher for educational performance as well as the performance management of the staff. We also assist in staff recruitment and have a responsibility in ensuring our school a safe place for our children to come.

There are 12 Governors on our board with a broad set of skills that enables us to meet our objectives professionally and effectively. We all have varying responsibilities, which match our skills. Above all we all have a huge commitment and passion for the school, which drives us to work hard to achieve the best outcomes for the children and families that come here.

The Governors carry out their responsibilities through four committees.

  • Teaching and Learning (T&L)
  • Foundation (F)
  • Pupil Support (PS)
  • Resources (R)

We meet as a full Governing body four times a year and committees termly.

The constitution of the governing board 

The governing body comprises 12 governors in total. Every governor appointment is based on the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school. The number of governors in each category is determined through the Instrument of Government and is: 

  • 1 Head teacher 
  • 1 Staff governor, elected by staff employed at the school 
  • 2 Parent governors, elected through a ballot of parents 
  • 1 Local Authority governor, recommended by the LA and approved by the governing board 
  • 2 Foundation governors, appointed by the Diocese of Leeds  
  • 5 Co-opted governors, appointed by the governing board 
A message from the Chair of Governors

I have been associated with Harewood C of E Primary school since my eldest son started in September 2005, followed by my second son in 2009, my youngest son attends The Forest School in Knaresborough.

I soon became involved in the PTA eventually becoming Chair, which I did for several years. I joined the governing body in 2015, initially as a parent governor and once my son went to high school I became a co-opted governor. Professionally I am a nurse, and run my own small business and also continue in my role part-time as an Ofsted registered Childminder.

Even though my children no longer attend Harewood my passion for the school remains. My goal as Chair is to lead this team to work hard for the school and hope that we can contribute to maintaining high standards whilst supporting our head teacher and all the staff in delivering the best education our pupils at Harewood deserve.

Jayne Jayne

Chair of Governors

If you would like to become a governor at Harewood CE Primary School please contact the school office for details of our current governor vacancies.

Minutes of meetings are available on request from the school office.

Click here for a full list of Governors Interests and meeting attendance 2021-22

Annual Governors Report 2022

Chair of Governors Annual Report 2022-23