Dear Parents and Carers,

Many of you will be aware that Harewood Primary School is part of a local network of schools called The Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership (WVLP). As a group of schools we are fully independent but we have chosen to work closely with each other and to pool certain resources to gain greater influence and economies of scale. In the past year we have worked together on staff training, moderation of assessments and interschool sporting events to name a few.

As a partnership we are always looking to work with other local schools in similar situations to our own, have similar outlooks and ethos. I have linked a letter below explaining that we will be welcoming St Joseph’s Primary School in Wetherby to join the partnership from September.

If you would like more information about the WVLP there is a link on our school website. https://harewood.leeds.sch.uk/wharfe-valley-learning-partnership/

Mr Ratcliffe

WVLP- St Joseph’s.docx

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